Re: [iptables PATCH v2 2/2] extensions: libxt_conntrack: print xlate status as set

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Alexander Mikhalitsyn <alexander.mikhalitsyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> status_xlate_print function prints statusmask
> without { ... } around. But if ctstatus condition is
> negative, then we have to use { ... } after "!=" operator in nft

Not really.

> Reproducer:
> $ iptables -A INPUT -d -p tcp -m conntrack ! --ctstatus expected,assured -j DROP
> $ nft list ruleset
> ...
> meta l4proto tcp ip daddr ct status != expected,assured counter packets 0 bytes 0 drop
> ...

Yes, nft can't parse that.

But ct status { expect, assured } is NOT The same as 'ct status expect,assured'.

expect, assured etc. are all bit flags, so when negating this needs to be something
like  'ct status & (expected|assured) == 0'. (ct is neither expected nor assured).

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