Bug when updating ICMP flows using conntrack tools

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We recently upgraded the version of conntrack-tools and libnetfilter-conntrack that we are using and have found a bug when using conntrack to update ICMP flows. I've tracked down where the bug is occurring, but am looking for some guidance on the preferred way to fix it.

E.g. Doing the following when there are icmp flows present has no effect on ICMP flows:
conntrack -f ipv4 -U --mark=1

In conntrack-tools in conntrack.c in update_cb, the ORIG data and META data are copied, but not the REPL data. This has been this way for quite some time.
nfct_copy(tmp, ct, NFCT_CP_ORIG);
nfct_copy(tmp, obj, NFCT_CP_META);

However, in libnetfilter-conntrack the way that the message is built has been changed, and in nfct_nlmsg_build, the check about whether to build the REPL tuple has been extended to include
test_bit(ATTR_ICMP_TYPE, ct->head.set) ||
test_bit(ATTR_ICMP_CODE, ct->head.set) ||
test_bit(ATTR_ICMP_ID, ct->head.set)

In the old building functions, these bits weren't present, so it wouldn't try to build the REPL tuple, so everything worked. However, now it tries to build the REPL tuple, and because none of the REPL data is present, building the tuple fails and it errors out without sending the request to the kernel.

My question is whether it is better to remove the checks in libnetfilter-conntrack or add the copy of the REPL data in conntrack tools.

libnetfilter-conntrack from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8
conntrack-tools from 1.4.4 to 1.4.6

Kind regards,

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