using neteto emulatjitter but without re-order

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hi all,

I realizthis topic has been discussed in thpast (like a couple of
years ago), buas I'vbeen searching and trying for a couple of days
now withousolution - I thoughmaybe i'd give the mailing list a

I'trying to emulatnetwork jitter using netem - but I can't seem to
gethframes to pass through without re-order.
I'vtried adding a pfifo child qdisc (as thman page suggests) - but
thadoesn'seem to help.

I'on linux 4.10.7, and thesare the commands I use:

tc qdisc add dev eth0 roohandl1: netem delay 25ms 25ms
tc qdisc add dev eth0 paren1: handl20: pfifo limit 1000

aI doing anything basically wrong here?
is theran easy way to fix thjitter without the re-order?


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