Bandwidth Delay Producand NeteLimit

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I aplanning to usNetem for emulating links with high
round-trip-times (rtt); clients running on onmachine (node a)
connecto to n servers running on another machin(node b) and the
round trip times betweethnodes is varied using netem. The
following command is executed onoda and node b for a 500 ms rtt

#> tc qdisc add dev lo roonetedelay 250ms

Oexecuting '#> tc qdisc' - I gethe following output

qdisc nete8001: dev eth0 roolimit 1000 delay 250ms

Thdocumentation of neteat, specifies tha"Check on
thoptions for buffer and limias you might find you need bigger
defaults thathes(they are in bytes)."

1. I aassuming thathe limit field specifies that the limit of 1000
bytes will bbuffered in thqueue. If the clients and servers
throttlthtransmission rate to 20KBs at the application layer. I
shall bgenerating n*20KB per second. As thpackets are being
buffered ithnetem queue before transmission, the netem queue
should hava capacity of bandwidth*delay in bytes, i.e., thbuffer
siz(which is thbandwidth delay product) should be at least
n*20*1024 * 250/1000 bytes. Is thabovcalculation correct?

2. Givethlimit to be k bytes, is this the right way to specify
this limit? '#>tc qdisc add dev lo roonetedelay 250ms limit k'

3. Is thera way to specify a limiin terms of number of packets for


Frodavid  Tue Nov 10 10:04:36 2009
From: david (David Ames)
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:04:36 -0800
Subject: Newiki importo the LF drupal site
Message-ID: <4AF9AB34.3040708@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Networking working group,

I havan examplof the import of the Networking wiki into the LF
drupal environment:

Members who joihavedit rights to all the pages similar to a wiki.

I havinstalled a LaTex interpreter so thmath capability works with a
small changyou us<tex> rather than <math> tags.

Wwill puin all the apache redirects so there will be no dead links.

Lemknow if there are any changes you need before the import into
production. And theI will imporinto the production site on Thursday,
November 12th if I don'hear anything back.

David Ames

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