NASA’s State Fact Sheets Highlight Economic Impact in All 50 States, DC

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  March 10, 2023 
RELEASE 23-019
NASA’s State Fact Sheets Highlight Economic Impact in All 50 States, DC
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As a follow-up to its biennial report demonstrating the economic impact of NASA nationwide, the agency released new state-specific information on Monday. Each of the 51 fact sheets, which are the first drafted by the agency, showcase how investments in NASA benefit humanity.

Data from the agency’s fiscal year 2021 Economic Impact Report, as well as how specific states and the District of Columbia contribute to NASA’s Moon to Mars exploration approach, climate change research and technology are featured in the fact sheets.

“NASA inspires the world through exploration and discovery and leads scientific and technological advancements from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Every day, NASA demonstrates its value beyond the vacuum of space, and we are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from the Biden Administration and Congress,” said Administrator Bill Nelson. “With the President’s fiscal year 2024 budget announcement this week, NASA will remain an economic engine that supports good-paying American jobs, sustains American innovation, and strengthens American competitiveness in the 21st century. Our impressive economic impact just scratches the surface of the agency’s influence around the world, and it makes clear that what is good for NASA is good for communities across the country.”

Other focus areas highlighted per state include:

  • Procurement investments from fiscal year 2021
  • Leading state contractors that support NASA missions and create jobs
  • NASA education funded institutions that advance STEM research and development
  • Space Grant Consortium, which includes affiliates from universities, colleges, industry, museums, and science centers supporting science and engineering education

NASA explores the secrets of the universe for the benefit of all, and the investments include notable economic impacts that support every state, which strengthens the U.S. economy. The fact sheets provide a transparent look into the value of NASA.

To review the state fact sheets, visit:



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