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Names of attachements


I'm new to this mail list, because I have a question with attachements
in mhonarc archives.

A mail, with an attachement of a MS-Visio file which is named in the
mail "Block_bild_DX1_02.vsd" has a link of "binKkYuHPR7PM.bin". If I
follow the link, the filetype (ie. file extension) will not be
recognized from the browser, so it only offers to save the file.

Now my question: Is ist posible:
o to use the original filename as link name - even if the file needs to
  be saved with a uniqe name by mhonarc?
o can the file extension kept by the archived file, so that klicking on
  the link in the mail the assoziated viewer/application can be opend?

Thanks in advanced

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