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HI, how to use indent in thread index page???

Hi, all:
   Currently, I want to use indent in thread index page, but it can't work,
it display two levels, one for thread root, and another for others messages
of the thread.

    what I want is to get several indent like following:

Thread Root Msg
     Msg One
          Msg Two
     Msg Three
     Msg  Four
          Msg Five
              Msg Six

The resource setting in my resource file is :



<ul class="mlist">

<li class="thread_root"><a $A_NAME$></a><a
$A_HREF$><strong>$SUBJECTNA$</strong></a> $FROMNAME$


<li class="thread_sublist">$SUBJECT$ <em>$FROMNAME$</em>










<li class="thread_root"><a $A_NAME$></a><a
$A_HREF$><strong>$SUBJECTNA$</strong></a> $FROMNAME$




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