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ANNOUNCE: MHonarc 2.6.17 Released (Security Fixes)


MHonArc releases prior to v2.6.17 have known vulnerabilities to the
HTML filter, making web sites hosting MHonArc web archives vulnerable
to XSS attackes. All users are STRONGLY encouraged to upgrade to the
latest release.

If you are unable to upgrade immediately, and you are operating a site
that archives messages from untrusted sources, please see the following
item in the MHonArc FAQ: "So how can I exclude HTML mail?". Even with
the fixes provided in v2.6.17, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to neutralize
HTML data for any archive containing content from untrusted sources.

2011/01/09      (2.6.17)

* Security Fixes:

   Bug ID  Summary
   ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
   32013   CVE-2010-4524: Improper escaping of certain HTML
           sequences (XSS)
   32014   CVE-2010-1677: DoS when processing html messages with deep
           tag nesting
   32080   Specially crafted <base href> can lead to XSS exploit
   ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

* Bug Fixes:

   Bug ID  Summary
   ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
   13853   Creation of archive with attachments writes over symlinks
   14747   major (10X) memory savings possible in some situations
   15433   relative attachmentdir is relative to current working dir,
           not outdir
   17660   Threaded index resource ordering doesn't allow well formed
           XML output
   17860   incorrect nested HTML Tags for references
   17904   FieldOrder affects AddressModifyCode
   18113   Inconsistant thread slices w/ poor man's windowing
   18908   X-Subject data get split in separate lines
   20074   extra space in subject
   20142   strip backslash in rfc822 From: field
   23198   Incorrect Setting Installation Directory
   24247   iso2022jp.pl: unneeded ESC ( B remains in message body
   25225   dir_create() fails to make temporary directories (PATCH)
   25486   Resource FieldStore causes .mhonarc.db to grow over bounds
   26577   Changed semantic for unpack breaks UTF-8
   32032   TextEncode related resource information not saved correctly
           in db file
   ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

* Added FOLLOWSYMLINKS resource (Bug #13853).

* When KEEPONRMM is enabled, messages that are removed from
  the archive do not cause linked messages to be updated.  This allows
  for pages that use $TSLICE$ to maintain thread links for messages
  that "fall off" of the maintained list of archived messages.

* Added pre-extraction of From name and From address.  This
  provides a performance improvement for archives that make use of
  the $FROMADDR$ and $FROMADDRNAME$ resource variables along with
  author sorting.

* Added mapping of message index keys to time stamp.  This should
  provide some performance gain since parsing out of time stamp from
  index is no longer required.

* Cache last message number in db to avoid directory scan of archive
  each time an add operation is performed.  This provides a performance
  improvement for large archives and on file systems where directory
  reading with many files may not be optimal.  Thanks go to Christopher
  Lindsey for patch.

* Added References and In-Reply-To to as-is fields list to avoid
  automatic modification of message IDs if address-rewriting is
  in effect.

* Simplified regular expression for detecting addresses.
  New expression performs significantly better than the previous
  expression, but still matches the vast majority of addresses
  used today.

Earl Hood, <earl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Web: <http://www.earlhood.com/>
PGP Public Key: <http://www.earlhood.com/gpgpubkey.txt>

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