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Re: Date thread cutting off after 6PM (even UseLocalTime enabled)

On March 25, 2010 at 12:08, John Perkins wrote:

> We have a MHonArc archive setup here in the central time zone 
> (CST/CDT).  It seems any messages posted after 6PM will post to the 
> following day's date archive, very similar to behavior posted at 
> http://www.mhonarc.org/archive/html/mhonarc-users/2002-05/msg00032.html
> UseLocalTime is enabled in the RC file.  The .mhonarc.db file for the 
> list archive in question shows UseLocalTime is enabled (1). 

I'd have to see actual data to determine if there is a bug
in mhonarc or if it is the data itself.  You have
a URL to your archives and are you able to share any
data?  You can respond via private mail if your information
is not intended for public consumption.

mhonarc attempts to store all time information based on GMT.
UseLocalTime is only applicable when doing date-based sorting
on an index and if you utilize the DAYBEGIN and DAYEND layout

Your comments imply that GMT time is being used and the
UseLocalTime settings is not having an effect.

The DateFields resource specifies which fields mhonarc should
look in (in order) to determine the date of a message.  By default,
it is the first Received header since it is generally more reliable
to trust when your system receives the message vs whatever Date
value the sender puts in.

If you have a custom configuration where you are creating separate
period-based archives for a single list, then how you configure
mhonarc will have to be in-sync with the processor that determines
which period archive a message goes into.


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