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Re: "Other resources" rc to create topic list with reference to $TIDXFNAME$#$MSGNUM$

No one reply ;-( so I wonder if my question is way too basic or impossible to implement ? sorry for my poor english

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 7:30 PM, Ngieen Siao-Mak <ngieen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I hope someone can help me,

I am trying to create another RC file to define the topics in an archive.

for that the RC will have to ignore all message reply and possible followups.... probably controlled through setting TLEVELS to 0, am i correct?

now, i wish that every topic in this archive to point to the tree location of the main mail archive thread page...something like this:

[<a href="" 1</a>]
[<a href="" 2</a>]
[<a href="" 3</a>]
[<a href="" 4</a>]
[<a href="" 5</a>]
[<a href="" 6</a>]

any help on achieving the goal would be appreciated


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