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Re: does mhonarc do a directory listing?

> I think an option for mhonarc to avoid the directory listing would be
> quite helpful, at least in my situation.

I would love to have access to the last message number after a MHonArc

I've been working on an SQL-based message store that is used entirely
for searching, displaying indexes, etc.  I still keep a MHonArc archive
of all messages and use its output for the actual message display.

What I would like to do is to maintain a cache of messages.  When a
message is requested it would be fed into MHonArc, the filename would
be returned, and then I could display that file and store it in my
database for future use (until it doesn't get used enough and the cache
gets purged).

It sounds like there are lots of reasons to display and/or store the
filename on exit.

I can work on a patch in the next few days unless Earl tells me to
back off because he's going to do it.  :)


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