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Attachment names for PDF files and mimeargs

First, i must apologize for this question which is certainly just a proof of my poor understanding of English...
As this is done, here is the problem :
Like others in the past, all the pdf attachment files badly described as "application/octet-stream" in the mail file become something like binxxxxx.bin I tried to apply the method indicated in a past question of this forum <http://www.mhonarc.org/archive/html/mhonarc-users/2003-07/msg00030.html>
and put this in my rcfile without any result :
m2h_external::filter; usenameext

I am really new to Mhonarc and aware that i certainly did not read enough it's philosophy but, if someone could tell me what i should do in this specific case it will be very helpfull.

Best regards,
	Jean-Marc Richard	blah blah blah
	Mel : j-marc.richard@xxxxxx

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