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Re: Still seeking solution: Linking Threads spanning across multiple time periods archives

On March 5, 2006 at 09:57, Ganoksin wrote:

> We are looking for a solution (possible custom work) to link together
> threads that span across multiple time periods (monthly archives) to
> ease navigation and increase the mail archive functionality.

My thoughts on the problem:

To make cross-archive threads integrated into the navigation of
mhonarc will take much work.  I.e.  If you want the existing
resource layout framework to also apply to it, much work is required.

To minimize the work, cross-archive threads could be an "add-on"
navigational feature.  For example, the threading provided by the
"stock" mhonarc could be labeled "thread for this period".  A link
can be added to provide the "complete thread", which would provide
a separate page providing an overview of the thread (across all

As for implementation, one approach is to write a mhonarc-wrapper
(using the API) that stores message-ids to message pathnames in
a thread database (something like BerkleyDB would suffice).  The db
should also store any meta info needed to render the complete
thread page.  Keying of subjects is something that you would need
to decide if it is common for messages not to include in-reply-to
or references.

I do not think any quick solution exists.  Mhonarc suffers from
its Perl 4 legacy, making inflexible in certain matters.


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