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Feature request

Two items would be desirable.

1) Add a '-verbose' option which prints the filename before processing it. Currently whenever warnings are printed (such as unable to parse date) there is no way to tell which file caused the problem when processing a folder.

This change is pretty easy. I modified mhamain.pl line 345 to print $mesgfile instead of a '.'.

2) Add a resource that contains the 'input' filename. Basically, I would like there to be a mapping between the generated data and the input file. I am thinking MHonarc should add something like:
<!--X-Input-Filename: /var/archive/mbox/file1.txt -->

When converting large archives, sometimes there are errors in the processing and at least by examining the HTML source you could see which input file causes it. The message ID is not always useful, especially when MHonarch generate its own id.

I looked at the ANNOTATE feature but I dont see how to do this when working on a full archive. From the documentation I think the '$MSG$' resource is not the input but the output filename, so that is not useful. A $MSGINPUTFNAME$ resource would be good.

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