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yearly indexes

Dear lists members,

I have been using hypermail to make a web archive of an mbox which contains mail from 2002 to date.

These mails were extracted from old outlook pst files and I had to do some bashing to get them back in an mbox but hypermail refuses to extract the date from anyhere but the mbox header "From - date" component.

I've found MHonArc will use other fields and I have solved my problem, but I have a problem with the layout of the archive, it's just one big index from all the years.

hypermail gives me a yearly index


Which I am trying to acheive with MHonArc, but as yet unsuccessfully. Is there a way to do this.

Could somebody point me to the right mechanisms to acheive this.

Many thanks


 *	Rob Shepherd,
 *	University Of Wales, Bangor,
 *	School of Informatics,
 *	Dean Street,
 *	Bangor,
 *	Gwynedd, UK     /\  /\
 *	LL57 1UT       /  \/  \ /\
 *	--------------/---/    \--\----

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