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Re: Stripping signature / tagline / adline


Wouldn't mind seeing your filtering code.

Two things I've found:
<hr> - I think Yahoo uses this html tag to end the mail and being their ad
<x-sigsep> - Eudora is nice enough to markup the sig this way (not
usually an ad, but useful nonetheless).


On 6/4/05, Jym Dyer <jym@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Is there any standard way to tell Mhonarc to strip the
> >> signature / tagline / adline (for free email providers)?
> >> In plaintext, they are often deliniated by multiple dashes
> >> and a newline.
> =v= The RFC standard is "-- \n", which Earl's code addresses,
> but not many people seem to use it these days.
> >> I think they are delineated in html by a tag - but I'm
> >> not sure.
> =v= Generally not, since people appending ads to messages
> aren't interested in making it easy to detect them.  I've
> found that they tweak the format now and then, seemingly
> at random.  If you search for ASCII lines, make sure you've
> found the *last* such line in the message, since the message
> author might be doing something with lines as well.
> =v= Topica is the worst of the email list services in this
> regard; they append *and* prepend ads, and they jiggle the
> format around from time to time.  I've got a Perl filter to
> get rid of this junk, but I find I have to change it from
> time to time.
> =v= Stuff from Hotmail usually has a one-liner appended to
> it, and it almost always has an apostrophe.  Actually, what
> it almost always has is a "Windows 1252" charset "smart
> single quote", often turning an ASCII message into one with
> exactly one 8bit character.  (This isn't always apparent from
> the headers, which say "text/plain".)
>     <_Jym_>

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