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Re: Problem archiving posts.

On May 12, 2005 at 09:25, Ilan Shalif wrote:

> Link to the ainfos336.rc file is:
> http://ainfos.org/~ilan/ainfos336.rc
> <EXCS override>
> apparently
> content
> errors-to
> followup
> forward
> lines
> message-id
> mime-
> nntp-
> originator
> path
> precedence
> received
> replied
> reply-to
> return-path
> sender
> subject
> status
> to
> via
> x-
> </EXCS>

All the fields listed on the message you cited are not in the EXCS list.
It is possible during your switch over that messages now contain more
header fields, and you have not updated EXCS to take that into account.

If you always want a well-defined set of header fields to be rendered,
use the FIELDORDER resource instead and leave out the "-extra-" keyword.
For example:


Will only cause the Date: field to be rendered.  The EXCS resource is
only applicable if "-extra-" is included in the FIELDORDER resource.


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