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Re: Can MHonArc find threads of deleted parents?

I should add that storage is not such a concern (as it is only an
increase of 2x over the html archives anyway), but processing is...

On 5/6/05, East Coast Coder <eastcoastcoder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm a bit concerned about the performance issues of having MHonArc
> scan the entire mbox for each update (I'd like updates every few
> minutes), as well as the storage issues of having to keep the entire
> mbox (as well as the html).  So, I'd like to delete the messages after
> MHonArc processes them.
> 1) If I do delete old messages from the mbox, can MHonArc still track
> the threads?
> 2) Am I the only one concerned about performance here?  It seems to me
> crazy to have to scan a year's worth of archives to do each update.
> Am I missing something?  What type of load is MHonArc using?
> 3) Does MHonArc have any ability to delete the message from the mbox
> when it's done?  (If not, I guess I'd have to set up a cron job to
> delete old messages every night...)
> -ECC

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