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Re: Newbie: Case sensitive and thread date limit

On December 7, 2004 at 14:09, "Pablo J Royo" wrote:

> - How can I set case sensitive ordering in my subjects. I have two 
> different messages called, lets say "A question" and "a question", and I 
> don´t want they to appear in the same thread  
> - Also, I have two different messages with the same subject, but sent in 
> very different times (lets say a month between first and second) so I 
> don't want they to appear in the same thread, allthought subjects are 
> different. How can I do this? Is there a time limit in the dates a thread 
> can span?

The best you can do without modify mhonarc code directly is to disable
the SUBJECTTHREADS resource.  If the mail you are archiving reliably
sets the References or In-Reply-To header fields, then disabling
SUBJECTTHREADS is recommended.

Having smarter subject handling with respect to threading would be nice,
but it is not there (yet).


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