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PDF attachments with Mailman & mhonarc



I’m using Mailman integrated with Mhonarc on a Solaris 9 system download from this site. mm-ht-ht-2.1.4-0.1

It seems to work great – except for a minor problem. The PDF file attachments show up as .bin files.


I’ve read through the docs and have searched this list and have got some really good ideas, but they don’t work.


PDF’s show up with a <a href=""  


I run following command from $prefix dir.

./bin/mhonarc –mbox ./archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox –outdir ./archives/private/listname –rcfile ./main.mrc


All the files are recreated, but the problem still there.


My main.mrc file



image/*;                m2h_external::filter;         mhexternal.pl

message/delivery-status;      m2h_text_plain::filter;       mhtxtplain.pl

message/external-body;        m2h_msg_extbody::filter;      mhmsgextbody.pl

application/octet-stream;     m2h_external::filter;         mhexternal.pl



text/plain; quote maxwidth=78

image/gif; inline

image/jpeg; inline

image/x-xbitmap; inline

image/x-xbm; inline

application/*; inline

m2h_external::filter; usename

m2h_external::filter; ext="pdf" usenameext

m2h_external::filter; inlineexts="jpg" usenameext



I’ve read the following docs:



But still can’t seem to find my error?

Dave Shepherd
Network & Systems Engineer

Emulex Corporation
We network storage


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