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AOL filters

I have been experiencing delivery problems with a mailing list digest for those on the list using AOL. Below is the information which I received concerning the problem. Has anyone else found a solution to the difficulty?


Due to restrictions the AOL has put in place for the handling of inbound
email they have imposed new requirements for internet service providers

Email from your server to AOL is now being routed through a filtering

The restrictions are as follows:

1) Emails to AOL or including AOL addresses in the recipient field may
not be sent to more than 5 recipients.
2) Emails from invalid users such as "nobody" will not be delivered.
3) All emails going to AOL will be scanned for viruses.
4) All emails going to AOL will be compared against a spam database to
ensure that spams are not being delivered to their network.

Attempts to curcumvent these restrictions will not be tolerated and any
customer discovered doing this will be terminated immediately. If you
wish to send to more than 5 recipients you will need to use maillist
software that is capable of breaking the messages into smaller groups.

These requirements only affect email sent to AOL users or bulk emails
that contain AOL addresses in the list.

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