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FYI: www.mhonarc.jp & MHonArc Users JP ML


We set up http://www.mhonarc.jp/ .
You can find information about using MHonArc in a Japanese
locale here.
(Almost all documents are written in Japanese).

And MHonArc Users JP Mailing List is now available.
This list provides a forum to discuss the usage of MHonArc,
mainly in Japanese.

The topics are Everything about MHonArc, including:

- technical issues like m17n, bug reports etc.
- general questions and answers

etc. (and NOT limited to Japanese-locale issues).

  http://www.mhonarc.jp/mailinglist.html (in Japanese)
  http://www.mhonarc.jp/mailinglist.html.en (in English)
for more details and how to subscribe this list.

Best regards,

Takashi P.KATOH

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