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Re: Emendations to mhonarc.db

> I know one is not meant to edit the mhonarc.db file without due
> care and caution. But if I were to (gasp!), and then ran MHonArc
> to add in some more messages, what would be the outcome? Would
> the date and thread HTML files be rebuilt with my revised
> Subject lines and with the existing message numbers?

When I couldn't sleep last night, and in a carefree mood, I went
ahead and edited the mhonarc.db file directly (backing it up first, of
course!). I made sure I fiddled with just the lines in the Subject
section, and cleaned up all my threads.

I then had some new messages to add to the archive, and ran
mhonarc -add as normal.

Result? Everything worked! The mhonarc.db generated new date and
thread pages with everything as I wanted them. So it appears one
can edit the Subject lines in the mhonarc.db file, but with
extreme care.

Best wishes,


Iain Brown

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