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Re: mhastart.pl errors

> Tim Gwinn wrote:
>     Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
>         Tim Gwinn wrote:
>             Any thoughts on why mhonarc is not seeing the rcfile.txt? 
> Yes. It's because the command executed through the 'Add' button
> does not include the -rcfile option. To have mhonarc read
> rcfile.txt, and update the archive database with its settings,
> you can enter this in the "Other MHonArc command" field:
>         mhonarc -editidx -rcfile $mrc -outdir $archive 
> Ahh, ok. Alternatively, could I modify the 'Add' option to include
> the "-rcfile $mrc" command-line options?
> There is no need to. Once saved in the archive database, your resource
> file settings will be applied when adding new messages. You need the
> -rcfile option only when you want to change a resource.

I specified UTF-8 conversion in my rcfile, yet whenever mhastart's "add"
routine is invoked (via the web), conversion is invariably not carried
out.  When I looked at the archive database I saw


, which looked okay (though I can't be certain).  Also, submitting the
shell command

mhonarc.pl -add -outdir $archive $mbox -rcfile $mrc

always worked.  So I forced the rcfile to be re-read with each -add by
modifying updatearchive, like so:

push @ARGV, ( $mbox, '-rcfile', $mrc ) unless $in{routine} eq 'remove';

This gave me the expected results but I remain puzzled as to why this
was necessary.  Any insight is appreciated.

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