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Re: Creating automatically subdirectories by months and years?

On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 10:57:47AM +0200, Mattis Oliver wrote:
> Hello Stephan,
> You can use the --turn:1m option in your alises file. i.e.
> mhonarc: "|/majordomo/wrapper mhonarc_wrapper --path:/www/htdocs/adminwebarch/maj-vt --turn:1m"

I don't use majordomo, I'm subscribed to different mailing lists as member and I try to archive them.

Here my command line:
mhonarc -multipg -idxsize 100 -reverse -rcfile /etc/mhonarc/thread.mrc -rcfile /etc/mhonarc/date.mrc -rcfile /etc/mhonarc/msg.mrc -rcfile 
/etc/mhonarc/def-mime.mrc /data/mbox_file

I don't find the --turn option with the command "mhonarc --help".

There is also another problem:
The reverse option works fine for threads, but not for date view.
When I click from thread view to date view, I'm no more at the same day.

But finally I don't know if it's good to make reverse order, because all the time, the threads*.html files are changing, and the search engines need to 
recollect the new data.

Best regards,


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