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Re: How many messages in that spool?

> I have an mbox file that, when viewed in mutt, appears to have 240
> messages. When processed by mhonarc, only 226 messages are rendered into
> the html archive.
> Are there any tricks to debugging this sort of situation? I can't seem
> to figure out which messages are not making the grade, so to speak, i.e.
> failing to get converted. No warnings are issued during the conversion.

Hi Bob,

   MHonArc checks the Message-ID header to make sure that duplicate 
   messages aren't added to the archives multiple times.  Is it possible
   that the mbox file has duplicates?

   A quick check might be to do something like

      grep -i ^Message-ID: mbox | awk -F\< '{print $2}' | awk -F\> '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

      formail -s formail -XMessage-ID < mbox | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

   and see if you get any with a value greater than 1 -- those would be


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