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Search Engine for Mhonarc: MHonArc-Search

Hi all,
I have written a small search engine for Mhonarc-Archives. Namazu is nice, but have some scalability-problems (in my case (approx. 200.000 Postings in the archive)).

MHonArc-Search should provide a *good* Search-Engine for MHonArc-Mailarchives. It is not designed as an all-purpose Search-Engine like Htdig or Namazu. It is written in Perl and needs a Mysql-Database.

You can find my Sourcecode and a small ¨Readme" (Requirements, some installation-instructions, etc.) at http://oeh.tu-graz.ac.at/~dauti/mhonarc-search/

If you find it useful, please give some feedback and help to improve MHonarc-Search.


Wolfgang Dautermann

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