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Re: Stripping text?

Hi Terry,

     there is a great document at
http://www.mhonarc.org/archive/html/mhonarc-users/2003-09/msg00033.html, the
only thing is that I had to modify a few things in the my-textplain.pl. 
Here's my version of it:

package my_text_plain;
#NOTE: The original version had the wrong package name

  sub filter {
    my($fields, $data, $is_decoded, $filter_args) = @_;

    # strip signature
    # <CR><LF> => <LF> to make parsing easier
    $$data =~ s/\r\n/\n/g;
    $$data =~ s/This message may contain privileged and \/ or confidential
information \.//m;
    # call mhonarc's default filter to do everything else
    require 'mhtxtplain.pl';
    return m2h_text_plain::filter($fields, $data, $is_decoded, $filter_args);
#    return ($fields, $data, $is_decoded, $filter_args);
#NOTE: I added the 1;.  I am not a perl programmer but this seems a standard
to return a true value.

I then added these line to my .rc file:

  application/x-patch;     my_text_plain::filter;       my-textplain.pl
  message/delivery-status; my_text_plain::filter;       my-textplain.pl
  message/partial;         my_text_plain::filter;       my-textplain.pl
  text/*;                  my_text_plain::filter;       my-textplain.pl
  text/plain;              my_text_plain::filter;       my-textplain.pl
  x-sun-attachment;        my_text_plain::filter;       my-textplain.pl

Hope this helps!


"Terry Ally" <terryally@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit:

> Can MHonArc strip text (other than in the subject line) from email messages?
> Messages originating from web-based email tend to have a footer such as:
>          >
>          > Protect your PC - Click here for McAfee.com VirusScan Online 
> Is there a way that I can flag these and remove them?
> Terry

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