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mhonarc not creating html files

Hey All,
I'm a newbie to mhonarc so this is probably not a hard problem, but I just can figure it out.
We have a majordomo/majorcool/glimpse/mhonarc setup for mail list with archiving.  Everything is working up to the point of when mhonarc is supposed to convert the mailbox to separate html files for each message.  It is only creating a html file for the first message and then stoping.  There aren't any errors, and the files it does create are being create in the right directories.  The command that is being run is below:
mhonarc -add -rcfile /var/apache/cgi-bin/.wilma/testing.rc -outdir /tmp/stuff/200403 testing.200403
BTW this command is being run from wilma_reindex, but i've tried it alone from the command line with the same result.
Mhonarc 2.5.1
Sendmail 8.12.10
I appreciate any ideas you guys might have.  I've searched through the archive without much luck.

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