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Re: CSS & MHonArc markup experiment


I vote for the Template Toolkit (template-toolkit.org). It is easy to
use, will significantly simplify MHonArc, and will allow people to
render into the format of the week (HTML, XML, PostScript, or whatever
they fancy). 

For a quick intro, see

Best regards.


On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 13:23, Earl Hood wrote:
> On March 8, 2004 at 18:46, Roger Wong wrote:
> > > Or better, have a complete template for each page type
> > > vs the separate layout resources.
> > 
> > I whole-heartedly agree with this statement/suggestion! Having separate
> > resources to deal with--though probably more flexible--is a major pain. I
> > just went through customizing them all to fit my personal needs, but it took
> > me 3 days and I think it should've taken me just 1. (Disclaimer: I'm a
> > graphic designer, not a techie.) I would have loved to be able to just
> > create 3 HTML pages (date index, thread index, and message index) with
> > special '$' tags and be done with it. Instead I had to go through probably a
> > couple dozen resources to get OK results.
> The big problems are:
> * Compatibility: Any big change like this introduces compatibility
>   issues.  Of course, compatibility could be ignored, which would
>   cause a "fork" in MHonArc.
> * Loop-based constructs: The index pages are the best examples.
> Someone mentioned using the Perl Template Tookit, but I have
> yet to evaluate it.
> Regardless, I consider such changes a major change to MHonArc and
> probably an incompatible change to existing releases.  If (when)
> such changes are made, they should be part of a rewrite.
> --ewh

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