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Re: Installation (and usage) under Mac OS X 10.3.2?

--- Lasar Liepins <lasar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The basic MHonArc installation instructions for *nix systems should be 
> fine under Mac OS X.

Problem is, that I don't even know what the basic MHonArc installation
instructions for *nix systems are or how to use them.

> However you might also try the OS X installer package I built. It should 
> work fine under 10.3, unfortunately I haven't gotten it to work under 10.2 
> yet, but am working on that.
> http://liepins.net/mhonarc/MHonArc-2.6.8-OSX.tar.gz
> Download, extract and run this installer.

I downloaded, extracted and read the "Readme.txt" file and I noticed that it

"Please note that only the basic MHonArc files will be installed. All
additional files that can be found in the original distribution have
been left out."

Does the above statement refer to the "MHonArc Documentation" folder or is it
referring to something else being left out? Also, after I install it, how do I
run it? Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

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