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Re: Non-procmail method of filtering email and bypassing /var/mail/<user> storage?

Good point.  I'll just compile procmail and use the recipe feature to filter 

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>Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 12:34:39 -0600
>From: Earl Hood <earl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  
>Subject: Re: Non-procmail method of filtering email and 
bypassing /var/mail/<user> storage?  
>To: mhonarc-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
>On January 9, 2004 at 08:05, Harvey Tokunaga wrote:
>> My questions are:
>> 1.  How do I sort emails titled "Subject 1" to archive 1 and "Subject 2" to 
>> archive 2?  I don't have access to procmail at this time.
>> 2.  How do I avoid sending emails to /var/mail/<user> and, instead, process 
>> them directly into MHonArc?  It seems that using a .forward file still 
>> a 
>> copy in my Unix mbox.  I know there are methods to remove mbox entries 
>> the fact but can I bypass it completely?
>Use Perl.
>It does require that you can code in Perl, but you can do all
>the filtering with a Perl script.
>Your Perl script can read the message data and use pattern matches
>to determine the destination archive.  NOTE: You should cache
>the message data you read since you will need to pipe it to mhonarc.
>Once you know the destination archive, call mhonarc with the
>desired arguments and pipe the message to it.
>P.S.  If you can compile programs on your system, you could always
>install procmail yourself into a local directory.

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