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Re: Problems modifying mail headers

Frank C. Brants wrote:
At Sunday 12/21/2003 09:33 PM, you wrote:
Exactly how did you test it? Did you add new messages to the
archive? Did you use the -rcfile option?

I tested my changes by rm -rf *'ing all generated pages and the .mhonarc.db,

Okay, that's more than enough. :)

copying the index.html & the empty start.html back, then issuing
the following commands... I've included MHonArc's output as well...


Reading resource file: /usr/lib/MHonArc/frames.mrc ...


Writing mail .....................
Writing /var/mailman/mhonarc/test/maillist.html ...
Writing /var/mailman/mhonarc/test/threads.html ...
Writing database ...
21 new messages
21 total messages

Yep, the new resource file was obviously applied to those messages.

Could you please post a link to a sample message that was
converted using your new resource file settings?



The markup in those messages includes


which confirms that the MSGFOOT resource is included in the resource file.

When I looked at frames.mrc, I noticed that it already includes MSGFOOT:

    Partial thread listing:

That makes me suspect that you include two occurrences of the MSGFOOT
resource in your resource file, while MHonArc is only able to store
one of them. You'd better edit the existing setting to your liking,
for instance like:

    Partial thread listing:
    <li>From: $FROM$
    <li>Subject: $SUBJECTNA$
    <li>Date: $DATE$


Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Email: http://www.gunnar.cc/cgi-bin/contact.pl

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