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Re: Resoucres -- how to

On Dec 12, 2003, at 3:45 PM, Earl Hood wrote:

On December 12, 2003 at 13:23, Bill Whitacre wrote:

I know I should be doing something with resource files and I may even
be using the -rcfile command. BUT I can't find ANY .mrc files anywhere
on the CPU hosting Mhonarc and trying to copy out the date.mrc example
file from the docs and using the -rcfile command on it only brings up
the man page.

This implies you are not providing any mail folder arguments to mhonarc. For example, you should invoke mhonarc like:

prompt> mhonarc -rcfile date.mrc -outdir /path/to/archive mailbox

Where "mailbox" represents the mail to be processed.

If you want to modify the layout of an existing archive only, do
something like:

prompt> mhonarc -editidx -rcfile date.mrc -outdir /path/to/archivex


Thanks Earl. That helps a lot!

Is there a specific directory the date.mrc file should be in or can it have a path associated with it?

Can I say for example:

prompt> mhonarc -rcfile ~/Desktop/date.mrc -outdir /Library/WebServer/Documents/archive


Bill Whitacre

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