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Re: imapmbox vs. mbox

OK, I figured it out. Sorry to waste bandwidth and maillist space.

Maybe what I found will help others ...

Maybe it's 'native' to the Mac, but imapmbox format includes a sub-directory called 'CachedMessages' and THIS folder is in a format Mhonarc can digest!

So, after copying a local 'imapmbox' to a Desktop folder, I can use the following command to archive:

mhonarc -outdir ~/Desktop/irus_test/jamming ~/Desktop/irus_test/jamming/jamming.imapmbox/CachedMessages

Now to figure out how to automate it [cron] and start banging on the some maillists I host!

Oh yea, I also have to figure out how to change the format of output so I can see the date of each message -- otherwise you're kind of lost -- and how to integrate a search capability!

One step at a time ...



On Dec 11, 2003, at 1:42 PM, Bill Whitacre wrote:

I'm using Mail.app to read mail from an IMAP account. I'd like to figure out how to 'archive' my email in various folders using Mhonarc. I've got Mhonarc working, thanks to Lasar Liepins <lasar@xxxxxxxxxxx>, but now I'm not able to 'convert' my .imapmbox formatted mail folders!

Does anybody know the difference in mbox and imapmbox? Is there a way to get them to work with Mhonarc?



Bill Whitacre

--- Bill Whitacre bw@xxxxxxx

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