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Mac OS X installer


I am currently working on a graphical
frontend for MHonArc for Mac OS X.
(A very preliminary screenshot can be seen here:
http://liepins.de/backspace/img/macmhonarc .jpg )
In the course of this I would like to make
a MHonArc installer for OS X so those with
a comamnd line phobia can install MHonArc
with a few clicks.

Since I dont want to expose the user to
having to enter paths of any kind, I
executed the install.me file, set all
paths to new directories, and am now
planning to just copy the files to their
correct destinations in my installer
(which I am creating with Apple's
PackageMaker). Since as far as I know
things like the Perl path should always be
the same under any OSX install, I think it
should work. Any ideas on this, anything
else I should consider?

The documentation would sit next to the
installer document in the archive that
would be distributed, as putting it in
some predefined directory isn't such a
good idea under OSX.

Any other files that come with the
distribution (extras, license, etc) would
go next to the installer, too. Maybe into
an extra folder as to not irritate the
non-technical user who wants to click a
few things to build a HTML archive of his

I'd be happy to share this installer with
the MHonArc community of course, and also
to maintain new installers for new
releases as they come out.

A note about the install.me file: On OS X
it tries to install the documentation into
//doc/MHonArc (yes, with the double slash)
by default. The directory /doc does not
exist under OSX. And frankly I have no
idea where such documentation should go in

Thank you for any answers,


P.S.: What does MHonArc stand for, anyway?
The M i guess is for "Mail", and Arc for
"Archiver", but what's Hon?

Lasar Liepins... lasar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://www.liepins.de/
<kitten> It amuses me that you type English better
drunk, than most English-speakers do sober.
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