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upgrading Mhonarc software

To all the users out there!

Probably a no brain question!

We have been successfully using the Mhonarc archiving software for our site
for over two years now. However I want to upgrade the software to the latest
Mhonarc version from 2.4.9 (very old). The main reason is for protecting the
list subscribers from spammers. We archive messages from and Smartlist

Can I simply install the new version over an older version, or is there
special tricks involved. Will my resource files work straight away, or is
there tuning involved again? I understand that I'll probably have to
reconfigure the settings for spam in my rc files. We are using a linux
server, and unfortunately my knowledge regarding all things Linux is a bit
lacking (bad I know!). 

Thanking you in advance for your comments and help!

Cobus van Wyk 
Mail administrator

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