Re: xfs fixups for the fop_flags conversion

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On Tue, 23 Apr 2024 14:46:05 +0200, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> this series against Christian's vfs.misc branch fixes up pointless
> harmless but pointless over-declaration of capabilities for XFS
> directories.
> Christian: the first patch would make sense to just fold into the
> original fop_flags conversion if you're still rebasing the branch.
> [...]

Thanks for the fixes! I didn't fold because it would rebase a lot of
other stuff which I'd like to avoid. :/


Applied to the vfs.misc branch of the vfs/vfs.git tree.
Patches in the vfs.misc branch should appear in linux-next soon.

Please report any outstanding bugs that were missed during review in a
new review to the original patch series allowing us to drop it.

It's encouraged to provide Acked-bys and Reviewed-bys even though the
patch has now been applied. If possible patch trailers will be updated.

Note that commit hashes shown below are subject to change due to rebase,
trailer updates or similar. If in doubt, please check the listed branch.

branch: vfs.misc

[1/3] xfs: fix overly long line in the file_operations
[2/3] xfs: drop fop_flags for directories
[3/3] xfs: don't call xfs_file_open from xfs_dir_open

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