Re: [PATCH] libxfs: fix atomic64_t detection on x86 32-bit architectures

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On Tue, Sep 05, 2023 at 10:46:23AM +0200, Anthony Iliopoulos wrote:
> xfsprogs during compilation tries to detect if liburcu supports atomic
> 64-bit ops on the platform it is being compiled on, and if not it falls
> back to using pthread mutex locks.
> The detection logic for that fallback relies on _uatomic_link_error()
> which is a link-time trick used by liburcu that will cause compilation
> errors on archs that lack the required support. That only works for the
> generic liburcu code though, and it is not implemented for the
> x86-specific code.
> In practice this means that when xfsprogs is compiled on 32-bit x86
> archs will successfully link to liburcu for atomic ops, but liburcu does
> not support atomic64_t on those archs. It indicates this during runtime
> by generating an illegal instruction that aborts execution, and thus
> causes various xfsprogs utils to be segfaulting.
> Fix this by executing the liburcu atomic64_t detection code during
> configure instead of only relying on the linker error, so that
> compilation will properly fall back to pthread mutexes on those archs.
> Fixes: 7448af588a2e ("libxfs: fix atomic64_t poorly for 32-bit architectures")
> Signed-off-by: Anthony Iliopoulos <ailiop@xxxxxxxx>
> ---
>  m4/package_urcu.m4 | 8 ++++++--
>  1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/m4/package_urcu.m4 b/m4/package_urcu.m4
> index ef116e0cda76..f26494a69718 100644
> --- a/m4/package_urcu.m4
> +++ b/m4/package_urcu.m4
> @@ -26,11 +26,15 @@ rcu_init();
>  #
>  # Make sure that calling uatomic_inc on a 64-bit integer doesn't cause a link
>  # error on _uatomic_link_error, which is how liburcu signals that it doesn't
> -# support atomic operations on 64-bit data types.
> +# support atomic operations on 64-bit data types for its generic
> +# implementation (which relies on compiler builtins). For certain archs
> +# where liburcu carries its own implementation (such as x86_32), it
> +# signals lack of support during runtime by emitting an illegal
> +# instruction, so we also need to execute here to detect that.
>  #
>    [ AC_MSG_CHECKING([for atomic64_t support in liburcu])

Unfortunately, this change breaks cross compiling:

checking for umode_t... no
checking for atomic64_t support in liburcu... configure: error: in
configure: error: cannot run test program while cross compiling
See `config.log' for more details

(Note that this is an x64 host building aarch64)

Seeing as we /do/ have a (slow) workaround for 32-bit machines, perhaps
we should use it any time a long isn't 64-bits wide:

diff --git a/m4/package_urcu.m4 b/m4/package_urcu.m4
index ef116e0cda7..2ad4179aca2 100644
--- a/m4/package_urcu.m4
+++ b/m4/package_urcu.m4
@@ -34,8 +34,11 @@ AC_DEFUN([AC_HAVE_LIBURCU_ATOMIC64],
     [  AC_LANG_PROGRAM([[
 #define _GNU_SOURCE
 #include <urcu.h>
+#define BUILD_BUG_ON(condition) ((void)sizeof(char[1 - 2*!!(condition)]))
        ]], [[
 long long f = 3;
     ], have_liburcu_atomic64=yes

This will cause suboptimal performance on any 32-bit cpu that /does/
support atomic operations on a u64, but oh well.


>      [	AC_LANG_PROGRAM([[
>  #define _GNU_SOURCE
>  #include <urcu.h>
> -- 
> 2.42.0

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