[PATCH 1/2] generic/61[67]: support SOAK_DURATION

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From: Darrick J. Wong <djwong@xxxxxxxxxx>

Now that I've finally gotten liburing installed on my test machine, I
can actually test io_uring.  Adapt these two tests to support
SOAK_DURATION so I can add it to that too.

Signed-off-by: Darrick J. Wong <djwong@xxxxxxxxxx>
 tests/generic/616 |    1 +
 tests/generic/617 |    1 +
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/tests/generic/616 b/tests/generic/616
index 538b480ba7..729898fded 100755
--- a/tests/generic/616
+++ b/tests/generic/616
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ fsx_args+=(-N $nr_ops)
 fsx_args+=(-p $((nr_ops / 100)))
 fsx_args+=(-o $op_sz)
 fsx_args+=(-l $file_sz)
+test -n "$SOAK_DURATION" && fsx_args+=(--duration="$SOAK_DURATION")
 run_fsx "${fsx_args[@]}" | sed -e '/^fsx.*/d'
diff --git a/tests/generic/617 b/tests/generic/617
index 3bb3112e99..f0fd1feb2e 100755
--- a/tests/generic/617
+++ b/tests/generic/617
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ fsx_args+=(-r $min_dio_sz)
 fsx_args+=(-t $min_dio_sz)
 fsx_args+=(-w $min_dio_sz)
+test -n "$SOAK_DURATION" && fsx_args+=(--duration="$SOAK_DURATION")
 run_fsx "${fsx_args[@]}" | sed -e '/^fsx.*/d'

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