Data corruption with XFS on Debian 11 and 12 under heavy load.

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I have been chasing a data corruption problem under heavy load on 4
servers that I have at my care.  First I thought of an hardware
problem because it only happen with RAID 6 disks.  So I reported to Debian:

Further research pointed to be the XFS the common pattern, not an
hardware issue.  So I made an informal query to a friend in a software
house that relies heavily on XFS about his thought on this issue.  He
made reference to several problems fixed on kernel 6.2 and a
discussion on this mailing list about back porting the fixes to 6.1

With this information I have tried the latest kernel at that time on
Debian testing over Debian v12 and I could not reproduce the
problem.  So I made another bug report:

My questions to this mailing list:

  - Have anyone experienced under Debian or with vanilla kernels
  corruption under heavy load on XFS?

  - Should I stop waiting for the fixes being back ported to vanilla
  6.1 and run the latest kernel from Debian testing anyway?  Taking
  notice that kernels from testing have less security updates on time
  than stable kernels, specially security issues with limited

I am happy to provide more info about my setup or my stability tests
that fail under XFS.

Kind regards
Jose M Calhariz

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