Re: LTS kernel Linux 4.14.290 unable to boot with edk2-ovmf (x86_64 UEFI runtime)

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On Mon, Aug 22, 2022 at 07:43:18PM +0800, Qu Wenruo wrote:
> Tried to compile gcc10 from AUR, which failed to compile.
> Anyway, thanks to the advice from Willy, I got the pre-built crosstool
> (gcc 7.5) set up, with some small tweaks like disabling
> CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE to workaround the RELOCS failure, it at least
> compiles for v4.14.0.
> Although there is still warning from test_gen_len:
>  Warning: ffffffff818158cc:	0f ff e9             	ud0    %ecx,%ebp
>  Warning: objdump says 3 bytes, but insn_get_length() says 2
>  Warning: arch/x86/tools/test_get_len found difference at
> <cpu_idle_poll>:ffffffff818159b0

Strange, sounds like a binutils issue though I could be wrong.

> And unfortunately v4.14 still fails to boot, even with GCC 7.5, which
> provides an almost perfect (except above wanrings) build.
> I also tried to reduce the CPUid, from host-passthru to qemu64, and
> rebuild, no change (same test_get_len wanrings, same boot failure).
> No clue at all now, would try older debian in a VM then.

I suggest that instead of switching distros you should rather first
try 4.14.0 to verify if there was a regression affecting your system.
And if so, then a bisect will certainly be welcome. If it still does
not work, then maybe a different distro could help, though I doubt it.


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