Re: pkeys: Support setting access rights for signal handlers

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On 12/09/2017 10:42 PM, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> My only nit with this is whether it is the *right* interface.  The 
>> signal vs. XSAVE state thing is pretty x86 specific and I doubt
>> that this will be the last feature that we encounter that needs
>> special signal behavior.
> The interface is not specific to XSAVE.  To generic code, only the
> two signal mask manipulation functions are exposed.  And I expect
> that we're going to need that for other (non-x86) implementations
> because they will have the same issue because the signal handler
> behavior will be identical.

Let's check with the other implementation...

Ram, this is a question about the signal handler behavior on POWER.  I
thought you ended up having different behavior in signal handlers than x86.

In any case, I think the question still stands: Do we want this to be
pkeys-only, or build it so that it can be used for MPX and any future
XSAVE features that need non-init values when entering a signal handler.
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