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I'm trying to get debugging details about NMI I receive from an
unknown source. My hardware setup contains some uncommon cards (pcie
switch, fpga, 10g nics...) and only produce within unknown

To make setup worse, these systems are RHEL 3.10 kernel, so I would
need to use a module.
I wrote a generic nmi handler (
for this, waiting for kernel upstream.

Ideally, I would like to know from which bus / pci address / slot...
it came from, but I don't know x86 well enough. From docs I found,
some information might be in the lapic, but I'm unable to find
implementation details about it on the kernel / what functions to use.

I can't use "show_regs" function, as it's not exported (any idea why
?), and it might not contain useful pci information.

Do you have any insights / code to get maximum debug information about
an NMI ? the most useful would be to display the equipment that
generated this NMI.

Thanks for your help.
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