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> Weird.  Why does gcc think that an "=a" constraint on a 32-bit
> variable results in undefined high bits?

For the same reason that it thinks that an "=a" constraint on an
8-bit value has undefined high bits.

Remember, prior to amd64, partial writes to x86 registers were very
much allowed.  You can write %ah and %al, then read %ax or %eax.

So the assumption was baked into x86 compilers.

AMD changed it for the 64-bit registers precisely because such
partial register updates are a PITA for OOO implementations.

But the compiler still uses the convention that unused high-order
bits of a value are not defined.

The issue only arises when converting operand sizes, and if GCC used
the opposite convention it would have to do the same explicit zeroing
on input operands to functions and asm blocks (if they were 64 bits
cast to 32 bits).

So it's not obviously a in one way or the other.
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