[PATCH] x86-64: fix too early pointer increment

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From: CQ Tang <cq.tang@xxxxxxxxx>

The increment of "to" in copy_user_handle_tail() will
have incremented before a failure has been noted.

Only do the increment when assured there is no failure.

Signed-off-by: CQ Tang <cq.tang@xxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Mike Marciniszyn <mike.marciniszyn@xxxxxxxxx>
 arch/x86/lib/usercopy_64.c |    4 ++--
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/arch/x86/lib/usercopy_64.c b/arch/x86/lib/usercopy_64.c
index 05928aa..906fea3 100644
--- a/arch/x86/lib/usercopy_64.c
+++ b/arch/x86/lib/usercopy_64.c
@@ -74,10 +74,10 @@ copy_user_handle_tail(char *to, char *from, unsigned len, unsigned zerorest)
 	char c;
 	unsigned zero_len;
-	for (; len; --len) {
+	for (; len; --len, to++) {
 		if (__get_user_nocheck(c, from++, sizeof(char)))
-		if (__put_user_nocheck(c, to++, sizeof(char)))
+		if (__put_user_nocheck(c, to, sizeof(char)))

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