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In the time of Sat, 06 Jul 2002 06:19:35 -0400, thus spoke Shaun W.

> What I want to do is have a tail of my logs displayed on my desktop.  Is
> there a way to make a borderless terminal?  Or some other way to achieve
> this?  Basically I want the tail to look like it is part of the desktop.
> Shaun W. Grogan

Depends on the terminal you use.  Xfce Terminal for instance can be run 
with the --hide-borders option.  If your terminal doesn't have an option 
like this you can use devilspie(1).  Combine this with alltray(2) and 
you'll have a terminal on your desktop.  I use alltray to put Xfce 
Terminal on my Xfce desktop like so:

/usr/bin/alltray -x --sticky --geometry 500x955-0+90 --show --skip-
taskbar --no-alltray "xfce4-terminal --working-directory=$HOME --hide-
menubar --hide-borders --hide-toolbars"



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