Re: atomic queue limits updates v5

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On Tue, 13 Feb 2024 08:34:10 +0100, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> currently queue limits updates are a mess in that they are updated one
> limit at a time, which makes both cross-checking them against other
> limits hard, and also makes it hard to provide atomicy.
> This series tries to change this by updating the whole set of queue
> limits atomically.   This in done in two ways:
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[01/15] block: move max_{open,active}_zones to struct queue_limits
        commit: 8c4955c069ea3b77dc63b55d13afa9341e894849
[02/15] block: refactor disk_update_readahead
        commit: b9947297d00b9c75b271db88165e39c0208bec2e
[03/15] block: decouple blk_set_stacking_limits from blk_set_default_limits
        commit: c490f226a0ea22639e81ac34edc884e238ea955a
[04/15] block: add an API to atomically update queue limits
        commit: d690cb8ae14bd377d422b7905b6959c7e7a45b95
[05/15] block: use queue_limits_commit_update in queue_max_sectors_store
        commit: 0327ca9d53bfbb0918867313049bba7046900f73
[06/15] block: add a max_user_discard_sectors queue limit
        commit: 4f563a64732dabb2677c7d1232a8f714a18b41b3
[07/15] block: use queue_limits_commit_update in queue_discard_max_store
        commit: ff956a3be95b45b2a823693a8c9db740939ca35e
[08/15] block: pass a queue_limits argument to blk_alloc_queue
        commit: ad751ba1f8d5d4f4f4b429b552a154e888524a93
[09/15] block: pass a queue_limits argument to blk_mq_init_queue
        commit: 9ac4dd8c47d533eb420af6a679e66ec74771125c
[10/15] block: pass a queue_limits argument to blk_mq_alloc_disk
        commit: 27e32cd23fed1ab88098897897dcb9ec2bdba4de
[11/15] virtio_blk: split virtblk_probe
        commit: 718628adfcfdc80466eb42cd9c615d1d5514f74c
[12/15] virtio_blk: pass queue_limits to blk_mq_alloc_disk
        commit: 8b837256560c783415b42748959900befcde2d00
[13/15] loop: cleanup loop_config_discard
        commit: 65bdd16f8c72bb2178f5e4db40305bef6c96b309
[14/15] loop: pass queue_limits to blk_mq_alloc_disk
        commit: 02aed4a1f2c355e41d82a8e9831031ca9e0eb45d
[15/15] loop: use the atomic queue limits update API
        commit: 473516b361936cbc27d7728df649a5b3094b6170

Best regards,
Jens Axboe

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