Coverity: virtsnd_kctl_tlv_op(): Uninitialized variables

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This is an experimental semi-automated report about issues detected by
Coverity from a scan of next-20240212 as part of the linux-next scan project:

You're getting this email because you were associated with the identified
lines of code (noted below) that were touched by commits:

  Fri Feb 9 14:01:15 2024 +0100
    d6568e3de42d ("ALSA: virtio: add support for audio controls")

Coverity reported the following:

*** CID 1583619:  Uninitialized variables  (UNINIT)
sound/virtio/virtio_kctl.c:294 in virtsnd_kctl_tlv_op()
289     		break;
290     	}
292     	kfree(tlv);
vvv     CID 1583619:  Uninitialized variables  (UNINIT)
vvv     Using uninitialized value "rc".
294     	return rc;
295     }
297     /**
298      * virtsnd_kctl_get_enum_items() - Query items for the ENUMERATED element type.
299      * @snd: VirtIO sound device.

If this is a false positive, please let us know so we can mark it as
such, or teach the Coverity rules to be smarter. If not, please make
sure fixes get into linux-next. :) For patches fixing this, please
include these lines (but double-check the "Fixes" first):

Reported-by: coverity-bot <keescook+coverity-bot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Addresses-Coverity-ID: 1583619 ("Uninitialized variables")
Fixes: d6568e3de42d ("ALSA: virtio: add support for audio controls")

Thanks for your attention!

(Human comment: looks like there's no "default" case in the switch


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