Re: [PATCH vhost v2 00/16] vdpa: Add support for vq descriptor mappings

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On Thu, Sep 28, 2023 at 07:45:11PM +0300, Dragos Tatulea wrote:
> This patch series adds support for vq descriptor table mappings which
> are used to improve vdpa live migration downtime. The improvement comes
> from using smaller mappings which take less time to create and destroy
> in hw.
> The first part adds the vdpa core changes from Si-Wei [0].
> The second part adds support in mlx5_vdpa:
> - Refactor the mr code to be able to cleanly add descriptor mappings.
> - Add hardware descriptor mr support.
> - Properly update iotlb for cvq during ASID switch.
> Changes in v2:
> - The "vdpa/mlx5: Enable hw support for vq descriptor mapping" change
>   was split off into two patches to avoid merge conflicts into the tree
>   of Linus.
>   The first patch contains only changes for mlx5_ifc.h. This must be
>   applied into the mlx5-next tree [1] first. Once this patch is applied
>   on mlx5-next, the change has to be pulled fom mlx5-next into the vhost
>   tree and only then the remaining patches can be applied.
> [0]
> [1]
> Dragos Tatulea (13):
>   vdpa/mlx5: Expose descriptor group mkey hw capability

I prepared shared branch with this patch.

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